Slowness once I am on the site for a few mins. (not at first)

  • Hey everyone!

    So having an issue where only certain websites are slow… When accessing that specific website the page is so slow it times out or loads VERY slowly. Usually the website will load per picture if it dosent time out.

    When restarting pFsense, it works normally for the first few minutes than slows down. Also when the issue is occurring, if I go onto another PC the same website will work normally and get slow eventually. When the slowness issue occurs, other websites will work normally.

    I've tried disabling services (SNORT, suricata) or removing packages.
    I've reinstalled pfSense on the same VM.

    -pfSense 2.4.2 (latest)
    -HP Microserver Gen10 running VM Ware ESXi 6.5 Server
    -8GB Memory
    -100GB Drive space
    -Dual Intel NICS (VNET3 drive in VM)
    -Flat internet network for now, no VLANS

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    Why in the world would pfsense need 100GB?  So you had snort and suricata both running?  Are you running proxy, ie squidguard?

  • LOL 100GB!! Im an idiot… I will be lowering it, went space crazy.

    I did have Snort and Suricata running but disabled it to check if that was the cause. At the moment only the base pfSense firewall, pretty much nothing in the package manager except the VMware package.

    No proxy, no squidguard (didnt install it)

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    Running both Snort and Suricata would be a horrible idea… Pick 1

    As to why 1 website would be slow - are you having a problem resolving?  Pfsense doesn't give 2 shits about a website... Unless your running a proxy or some sort of IPS its just moves the packets, has no idea what is in them.

    Possible you have a mtu problem if one site is always slow?  Or just plain connectivity to this IP is bad, what is the site?  Do a sniff while your loading it - do you see lots of retrans? etc. etc.

  • Yup Ill run 1, but ran both to compare before (and never had issues running both before)

    Well technically its few websites deepening on what is being accessed heavily. It will run normally in the beginning but once its caches and that site being used heavily it will start slowing down and eventually time out. Whats weird is that once that site is slow, if I go to another new website it will run fast until it gets cached like the previous site…..  OR when the slowness occurs, if I hop on another PC, the site it self works fine but slows down once I start caching…  Does this make (pf)sense??

    Def no proxy....  I can look into the MTU settings... Is there a tool to check the MTU settings from the ISP side? so i can match it for my interface.

    Def not a bad IP... If I use my Cisco router or home Linksys router works perfectly fine....  The site yesterday was Amazon.

  • MTU size is at default which is 1500… No packet losses.  still having issues... I also purchased the SG1000, I'll compare that with my VM box.

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    "in the beginning but once its caches and that site being used heavily it will start slowing down and eventually time out"

    What do you mean cached… On your browser?  You stated your not running proxy on pfsense.

    If its cached on your machine - then your not loading anything anyway from the internet.  So how would that be slow or anything to do with pfsense?

  • Sorry meaning when using the browser and reloading the same webpage…
    Again as mentioned no Proxys....

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    If your browser has it cached, and its slow that is on the browser… Fire up a browser tool to see what is taking so long to load... Firefox had webdevloper tools..

    Here I toggled the tools on and hit refresh on the forum main page.. You can see how long everything on the page takes to load, if downloaded or from browser cached, etc. etc.

    So lets see what your talking about with these slow pages.

  • Def not a browser issue….

    So far to test, I tried using the SG1000 and worked with no issues w/ the same settings I have on my VM box (even isntalled a fresh copy)

    Have a feeling its something between the VM ESXi and pfSense.

    Once I restart the pfSense, everything works at first but once I am on the page surfing thru, it will get slower and slowe eventually timing out.... BUT if I go to another different website it will works but again same thing once I start either downloading or surfing through the pages after a few minutes it will slow down....

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