• Hi!

    Been trying to crack this one for some time now.

    Got a new internet provider, fiberbased. They also provide IPTV. On the router from my ISP they provide internet on one port, and TV on a another port (2 physical interfaces, RJ45).
    The router is in brigde mode, so on my WAN interface for internet, I got a official IP (Via DHCP) - on the WAN interface for TV I got this 192.168.10.x adress. (Also DHCP)
    My LAN is on 192.168.0.x

    But I want to route both networks into my LAN, but the IPTV-box needs to connect to the IPTV WAN - and the IPTV-box cant be configured to use static IP - so I cant change the network settings.
    My LAN switch is a Cisco SG300 - should I use VLAN for this case?

    I'm stuck!

  • Yes best would be separate vlan's.

    I think you also need to setup static routes on the pfsense box to route IPTV traffic to the separte interface. And default gateway to the internet interface.