How much of a PITA will Swapping Motherboards Be?

  • Just like the title states…

    I'm looking at upgrading to a motherboard/Atom CPU that supports AES-NI.  Can I just pop off the USB drive and put it on the new motherboard and fire it up to a saved setup?  Or, will I need to start over from scratch with my setup?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can probably just boot up of the old drive and it will work fine.

    If the NICs are using a different driver you will need to re-assign the interfaces at the first boot at the console. It won't boot to the webgui until you do.


  • This is FreeBSD, not MS Windows. That means that there is zero amount of hardware configuration based saved data that the OS needs for booting from the disk it's installed on. Everything is autoprobed by the bootloader and the kernel at the system startup without any known previous state except for user customization in /boot/loader.conf(.local).

    It should boot up just fine with the new motherboard.

  • Thanks gents!

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