PfSense as a DHCP relay routing to the same subnet / network conflicts

  • What I'm working with.
    Edge Router Lite
    Default Network on ETH0 0 x.x.186.3
    VLAN 333 on ETH1 - DHCP RELAY enabled
    DHCP Relay enabled on pfsense box to relay at x.x.186.1 (my primary pfsense LAN gateway).

    On pfSense , I created the 333 VLAN, setup the interface ; I can get a DHCP address on my laptop.  This works perfect.

    Now I'm trying to route from the x.x.186.0/24 network to this network.

    I then added to pfSense a gateway of x.x.186.3. (ETH 0 on EdgeRouter Lite)

    In the pfsense routing table, If I try to add a static route / destination network of -> x.x.186.3 0- I get the error messsage of "This network conflicts with the address configured on interface 333.

    What is the best way to tell other devices on the network primary x.x.186.0/24 that is at x.x.186.3?  Should I be using DHCP static route options?  Seems I'm missing the general best practice on this setup.

    THANKS for any help

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Is this x.x.186 network public - why are you obfuscating it?

    Please draw your network.. Saying you have network A and network B doesn't tell us how you have it connected together.  Any router connected to another router should have a transit network, or more likely then not your going to have asymmetrical routing unless doing host routing on each device in what is the transit network.

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