Upload Bufferbloat when using pfSense as Router - Gone with pfSense box Removed

  • Hi,

    I have been trying to figure out why I am consistently getting 1500ms plus of bufferbloat on my upload.

    I contacted my ISP and they insisted they could not do a line test on my connection due to the fact that the modem is bridged and I am using a third party router. As a matter of fact they told me they will do nothing as long as I have this type of network configuration and if they did they would have to charge me for the support.

    To appease them I set the modem back to default settings and took the pfSense box out of the network.

    For my own curiosity I re-ran the bufferbloat test after removing the pfSense box and to my surprise the upload is now consistently getting only 2-15ms of bufferbloat. To me this suggest that the bufferbloat is due to either pfSense or my pfsense hardware.

    Are there any settings within pfSense that if set incorrectly could cause bufferbloat?

    If it is a hardware issue related to my pfSense box, what options do I have to diagnose the potentially bad hardware?

    Is there any free software that could help in diagnosing where in the network a problem could be?

  • Did you set your bandwidth in pfSense via one of the traffic shaping  methods? If not, how could pfSense know what your bandwidth is?

  • No traffic shaping set yet.

    A few weeks back I did try using CODEL for the second time but ran into problems after trying to disable it for testing. Caused the router and pfsense to become unresponsive. I had to reboot the router to get things up and running again. The first time I tried CODEL and then disabled it, it caused a lockup so bad that my pfsense router would not fully reboot and keyboard would not even work. The only solution was to reinstall pfsense and set everything back up again as I didn't save a recovery backup beforehand.

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