SOT: Need opinions, is there a broken router in this tracert

  • Hi,

    Battling with a streaming video company on this, their videos come to our location and  when played buffer at random times, buffering goes on 15-30 seconds.  We do not experience this with six other video services (video,, adobe connect, youtube, jwplayer, etc).  Their videos are hosted at AWS, Virginia

    I think its a broken router.  From the attachments bb2 and bb3, would you agree?  I've attached a tracert to jwplayer for comparison, different path, but seems to resolve normally.

    Don't know who else to ask on this, but you the experts. :o)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Because a hop doesn't answer in a trace?  You assume they are broken?

    Sorry but no… There are many a router on the net that does not answer a trace.. You could try using something other than windows, linux defaults to UDP vs icmp, and or you could use TCP in the trace, etc.  Sometimes that helps resolve a hop..

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