Can't make 2 WAN connections work - all traffic goes through WAN1 (I think)

  • I had my NUC based pfSense working through the WAN connection with PPPOE (40Mb/s).
    I want to connect it also to another ISP using a different infrastructure.
    I plugged in a USB3 to Ethernet adapter and defined a WAN2 with L2TP connection to the second ISP (200Mb/s).

    These are the Gateways:

    It looks like all the traffic is going through WAN1 - when I disconnect the Modem that is connected to WAN1 (PPPOE), also WAN2 gets Offline.

    Also, when I defined a Gateway Group for load balancing it did not work. I got only the downstream of the PPPOE connection.

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