Default pfSense hostname is external IP?

  • Hi,
    I have a pfSense firewall my school, with multi WANs, multi LANs.

    WAN_1: DHCP
    WAN_2: static IP ( - my ISP static IP)
    LAN_1: static IP (
    LAN_2: static IP (

    In General Setup hostname is "pfsense", domain is "local.lan".
    I use DNS resolver (this is default).

    The pfSense automatically generated this file "/var/unbound/host_entries.conf":

    local-zone: "local.lan." transparent
    local-data-ptr: " pfsense.local.lan"   # THIS IS MY EXTERNAL IP
    local-data: "pfsense.local.lan. A"    #

    The ARP table also shows:

    WAN_2   pfsense.local.lan

    How can I set the system hostname is my LAN ip?
    The DNS resolver "Host overrides" makes a plus entry, this is not a solution.


  • Thanks, my problem was solved.

  • @xense:

    Thanks, my problem was solved.

    What was the solution?

  • Sorry,

    I did not find the setting for this in pfSense. I think pfSense when installing, the pfSense the second interfaces address put the/etc/hosts fileautomatically. (My second interface is WAN_2). The unbound (DNS Resolver) read datas from this file and write this information into the```

    I checked the DNS Resolver -> Advanced Settings -> Disable Auto-added Host Entries, and the host_entries.conf file does not contain this information now. I have manually entered these the DNS Resolver -> Custom options:

    local-zone: "local.lan." transparent
    local-data-ptr: " pfsense.local.lan"  #  CHANGED IP MY LAN_1 ADDRESS
    local-data: "pfsense.local.lan."      #

    In the ARP table is show now:

    interface    IP address      Hostname
    WAN_2    # extarnal ip, my external domain
    LAN_1    pfsense.lan.home      # internal ip, domain

    This working  ;)

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