Issues with DNS resolution for PFSense host entry

  • Good day, I apologize for any formatting or information I miss here as it is my 1st post. I will of course provide any other information I need too.

    I have a PFSense router alongside 6 NetGear switches in a single stack. Dual WAN with Failover and around 6 VLANs. I was in my networking room moving some cabling around at which point I unplugged my ATT/backup connection (expected, I knew what I was unplugging at the time).

    I got back to my management console/pc and noticed my connection had gone haywire. I was receiving a 169.254 IP and couldn't get to any resources. After troubleshooting some issues that appeared to be specific to my desktop, I was able to restore my connectivity.

    One of odd things I noticed was that my PFsense DNS entry had moved from (Management VLAN) over to (Random production VLAN). I tried to test on a couple of other VLANs and the same problem.

    After some more troubleshooting involving completely deleting that 10.10.21 VLAN from my switch stack and PFSense and doing a ipconfig release/renew/flushdns, the same issue persisted. Pinging PFsense was resulting in a request timed out as the DNS entry sitting on no longer existed since I deleted that VLAN.

    I then did a full restore of my PFsense/Netgear switch from about a week ago before any of this was even an issue and lost some work in the process but the DNS entry for my PFsense is still going haywire. I did a DNS service restart after deleting the VLAN21 and now its moved to another VLAN's default gateway sitting on

    From what I can remember, before I went and putz'd it up in my network room earlier, the PFSense DNS record would properly follow whatever VLAN you were contacting it from. host on Management VLAN would properly get if you ping host on Prod VLAN would properly get if you ping

    I found another thread that mentioned using SSH and cat /etc/hosts      localhost
    ::1    localhost pfSense

    I can see here that the dns record is pointing to that IP. I'm just not entirely sure why its acting differently than it was previously. Previously, pinging would result in my own VLANs default gateway being the response.

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