Accesses internal Servers?

  • So, I have 3 wans, Comcast Cable Modems/Routers.
    and one lan network.

    From any other network connection you can access my servers.
    However, from inside the network I can not.
    I need this fixed. Do you have any idea, why I am
    blocked out of my servers (internally)

  • This is unchecked:
    Disables the automatic creation of NAT redirect rules for access to your public IP addresses from within your internal networks. Note: Reflection only works on port forward type items and does not work for large ranges > 500 ports.

    Therefor isnt nat reflection enabled?

    Im using PFSense 1.2, if it helps
    and The server I want to access is located outside of PFsense.
    it does not have an internal ip address only the external.

  • Well if the server is outside on the internet forget about NAT reflection.

    But you can access other servers?
    If yes i dont see how this is a pfSense problem.

    Maybe if you could give more information what you're trying to do…

  • I have a 3 cable modems. Which I have used to create 3 wans (1 lan).
    These cable modems have four ports or nics on them. One port from each modem goes to pfsense to be used as a wan. The other port go to servers with static external ipaddress.

    That server is live and on the internet. You should be able to access it.
    I can from home or on another DSL line in the building.
    However, I can not access it from any computer behind PFsense.

    Pfsense is on the same comcast line just on a different one of the 15 static ipaddress.
    something is blocking the conection.
    Also, I can not ssh to any of the servers external ipaddresses.

  • I was able to access the web (port 80) gui of my server by binding all request to that server to the same wan as the server.

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