Can't get system installed on my HD

  • I have a AMD Duron 850 with 512mb ram, a WD HD 20GB.  I can run the Live CD and it will work fine.  Once I try to install the system it installs OK, but won't boot.  I have even installed GAG, I am not sure if it is installed correctly, since I don't know how it knows to boot FreeBSD.  It does boot what was installed by the pfSense installer but I get the Timeout-Read_DMA errors.  I can't find an area to turn off DMA in my Award Bios.  I realize this is an older machine but I thought it would work.  Any suggestions??


  • I have tried to apply all the knowledge I found at the 3 different  areas you sent me to.  With no luck.  I thought I had a winner at the second link where it says to disable the DMA.

    As the system is booting from the LiveCD I never find nor se:

    After powering on your system, You will see:
    Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt.

    I have even opened the ISO that I made the LiveCD from and looked at the /boot/loader.conf and it already has the commands to turn off DMA for both the Hard disks and the CD rom.

    Is my hardware to old?  From the hardware list it looks like my system will be able to work fine.  I will keep at it because I want to use pfSense.

    Thanks for any other suggestions

  • After much time perusing my Award Bios I finally got DMA turned off and now I have it installed and running.

    Thanks for the push!

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