How to failover _quickly_?

  • Hi. I have 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1, two WANs (cable and 4G) and I have selected "Flush all states when a gateway goes down" and to be used with firewall rules, I have created gateway groups for cable, 4G, cable&4G (with different tier combinations) + tried using WAN1 and WAN2 in the said firewall rules. The point is that I have tried multiple different configurations.

    Gateway groups trigger level is "Packet loss or High latency".

    The problem is that if WAN1 goes down, the route is transferred to WAN2, but only after 60 s delay even though the dashboard shows after a couple of seconds that the gateway is down. I have not found so far a working setting for this delay. So how do I configure pfSense to reroute the traffic almost instantly if the WAN is down?

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