Broadband Modem Monitoring

  • Is there a way to monitor the modem signal strength and attenuation and whatnot from within PFSense? Something similar to Smoothwalls implementation of it?

    Maybe even a third party program to do it on Windows or something?

  • Not from the pfSense GUI.
    However, you can access the modem's web interface yourself and get whatever info is relevant to you:

  • The problem is I can't log the stats, it only gives me realtime info which isn't that helpful.

  • I have written myself the attached little php script for my Motorola SB6121. Of course, you will need to write yourself some software t display the data as well. I myself came from smoothwall and liked the package to track model signals. This is as good as it gets at this point in pfsense.


  • @Apathia
    You also want to check the internet speeds from any device you’re seeing performance issues on. Devices that are hardwired into the network should achieve speeds on par with your baseline if other devices on the network aren’t using much bandwidth. On wireless devices, the speeds can be greatly reduced when further away from the wireless router or if there’s interference from neighboring Wi-Fi networks, other wireless devices, or appliances that can cause interference (such as microwave ovens, which produce tremendous amounts of noise in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum while operating).

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