Install on another PC move HDD

  • Hi ! I'm a complete newbie on PfSense, I have never installed it but I  need it to have a VPN that actually works ( VPN managing on normal routers is awful )

    Anyhow here's the deal I have an old Box, that I want to use to run Pfsense on, however the Video Card is busted, and I don't have a replacement video card on that box, ( it's old, but It will do what I need ), anyhow, to take advantage of the old hardware, can I install pfsense on my own box ? ( moving the HDD to this PC ), then after it's installed and I guess Eth0 set to DHCP.

    Move the HDD to the headless box and just manage everything from a web interface ( or over ssh, or telnet )

    Any info feedback would be appreciated before I go on and do it.

    Also would love to know if there's an automagic install.

    Thx !

  • After moving HDD it can be needed to reassign network interfaces. It is not trivial to do without display.

    Try pfSense image for serial console, then you can install pfSense directly and as bonus you will be able to access your firewall any time independent of the network.

    P.S. I hope, you do not need to change BIOS settings…

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