Instaling pfsense on vmware esxi use as firewall between vlans

  • Hi, I'm running a lab to test pfsense as a firewall between vlans.
    I have a esxi host connected with two cables to my cisco switch which the ports are trunk and encapsulation is dot1q. I have made an interface vlan on switch with ip and vlan 110.
    In vcenter networking configuration I have made a portgroup with vlan id 110 and assigned this as lan of pfsense with ip address In another machine(pc-1) I added a network with the same portgroup and it can ping pfsense but in my switch I can't ping it.

    another way that I tried is I assigned a portgroup with vlan id 4095 which is a trunk, then In pfsense I created a vlan 110 and set Lan to vmx0.110 . the result is the same. a machine with port-group 110 can ping it, but the switch can't.

    To test my network infrastructure I halted pfsense machine and changed my pc-1 ip address to and now switch can ping it.

    I don't what's wrong. Please help

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  • Problem was a switch in the line which didn't had the vlan

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