Routing specific /24 over ipsec

  • Hello -

    I have a network of 2 pfsense routers in 2 locations.

    everything is connected over ipsec and working great, everything can ping everything and traffic flows and its awesome.

    pfsense1 is
    pfsense2 is

    here is my challenge:

    I have a /24 inside the pfsense1 network of

    I need that specific /24 to ONLY route through the network of pfsense2, that is to say the traffic from that 24 enters and exits from the wan of pfsense2.

    I have looked elsewhere and seen example of how to do this using openvpn, where route statements can be used to direct traffic using the openvpn gateway.

    unfortunately, i do not see an ipsec gateway declared in my setup, so I cannot do that despite the fact that everything is working (and has been working well) for many months.

    any guidance would be greatly appreciated, and i am standing by to upload any configs from any router.

    all the best

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That's because you cannot policy route IPsec like you can OpenVPN.

    You might be able to use a phase 2 of <-> with the reciprocal on the other side, but OpenVPN is a lot more flexible in this regard.

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