CARP w/ LB & 3x WAN

  • I've never set up CARP before, and I'm not quite clear on the setup.  Before I go ahead I want to verify that I've got it all straight in my head.

    I currently have 1.2.1-RC3 on one single box.  The connections are (currently) as follows:


    What I'd like is to set up an additional interface for CARP, with a crossover cable between the two units.  If I want the failover unit to take over the WANx IP address(es) on primary failure, am I safe to assume that this will work ok?

    What is the best way of connecting the WAN connections to both firewalls?  Should I get a couple dedicated hubs?  Switches?

    Thanks for any advice you can give!

  • Also - I'm assuming an active/passive setup.  Are there major benefits to Active/Active, and how would the setup requirements be different?

  • Active/Passive is currently the only supported configuration.
    You are correct in that you should add a dedicated interface for the sync.
    The carp tutorial is a good place to start:

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