Memory 56-58%

  • Hello
    Sorry, but my English is very poor
    I use pfssense 1.2-RC2 (this is my local network
    CPU Intel P III 1GHz
    Ramm 512 MB
    I run the following services: bandwidthd, ntop, dnsmasq, lighttpd, dhcpd
    Memory I loaded on 56-58% (according to me it's very much)
    Why so much?

  • Ntop for one is memory intensive, as it holds its data there and you can increase the use depending on what options you enable.

    Yours (like mine) is a low spec box and is best used simply.  You can put ntop on another box on your LAN and use the pfflowd package to send Netflow data from pfsense to the ntop server.


  • Look at top run via command line or Diagnostics -> Command.  ntop is probably using 200 MB RAM, that's not at all unusual.

  • Alternatively, some 42-44% of your memory is being wasted doing nothing ;)

    You shouldn't worry unless you're seeing all of your memory used, and swap space.  Up until that point you're just making use of the memory you spent money on.

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