Web based vpn like cisco webvpn and synology vpn plus

  • Are there any plans to implement a web based vpn solution like Cisco, Sonicwall and others have in place?

    Synology has this now for their routers and at $119 for a router with built in web based VPN capability that is pretty amazing!  it comes with 1 free license but each additional license is $10 and includes an html5 rdp connector for the web interface plus 2 factor auth and full web vpn for network connectivity.

    At this price point I guess it makes sense if I wanted to keep the pfsense firewall i could just have it sit in a DMZ and forward https traffic to it and then I have a very inexpensive dedicated webvpn server.

    Many of these companies are coming out with really good features.  I hope to see something like this integrated into pfsense as it seems much more common now in most of the big players and now the small players including small office/home routers!

    I am going to buy one and test if anyone is interested! I will post back.  any alternatives that are similarly priced let me know.

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