PfSense as VM in vSphere Hypervisor ESXi 6.5: no connection to WAN gateway

  • Hello to everybody

    I am no well confident with networking, but I need to solve a problem. This is the scenario:

    I installed VSphere ESXi 6.5 Hypervisor on a server machine connected to a LAN; then, from the VSphere ESXi 6.5 Hypervisor Interface, I set up the following addresses (Host, Gateway, DNS IPs are voluntarily changed)

    | Host IP | |
    | Netmask | |
    | Gateway IP | |
    | DNS1 IP | |
    | DNS2 IP | |

    the connection tested by the ESXi Hypervisor interface directly on the server works fine (all of Host, Gateway, DNS1 and DNS IP's are successfully pinged).

    Then I registered five virtual machines on the Host (VM1 -> VM5), all connected using NAT; since VSphere ESXi 6.5 does not have a native NAT configuration, I googled and found that pfSense can do that; so I installed pFSense as a virtual machine (named pFsenseVM), then, according to the official documentation, I created two virtual switches WanVs and LanVs and two Port Groups WAN and LAN where

    • WAN has WanVs as Virtual switch

    • LAN has LanVs as Virtual switch

    • only pFsenseVM is connected to both WAN and LAN

    • all the VMi are connected to LAN

    • LAN has no connection to any switch

    • Management network having Host machine, is connected to the phisical adapter (there is one physical adapter only on the server)

    I started pFsenseVM and after booting, I set both WAN and LAN IP addresses in the following way (using pFSense terminal):

    IPv4 address:
    netmask (IPv4 subnet bit count): (24)
    Gateway IPv4 address:
    No IPv6 configured

    IPv4 address:
    No gateway set
    DHCP enabled
    Start IP address client range:
    End IP address client range

    on saving all these settings, no error message were displayed and could successfully access the WebConfigurator typing in the URL of a web browser.

    Then I did some test connection by pFsense shell, getting the following results:

    • ping to Host successful  (command:  ping

    • ping to WAN gateway unsuccessful (command: ping  output: ping: sendto: Host is down)

    • ping to pFsenseVM successful (command: ping

    • ping to VM1 (Linux Mint 17.3 64 bit with static IP, netmask:, gateway, automatic DNS) successful (command: ping

    The following outputs, running commands by the terminal of VM1 (static IP:, were returned:

    • ping to pFsenseVM successful (command: ping

    • ping to Host successful  (command:  ping

    From each virtual machine VMi I cannot go to Internet.

    I see it is up to the connection failure to WAN gateway, but what am I missing?

    Thanks to anyone could help me

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