SquidGuard - Defining users

  • Hi,
    i see that squidguard accept this kind of control.
    Users created in squid can have access to sites, using squidguard to manage the approved content. ( http://www.squidguard.org/Doc/authentication.html )
    So, this can be implemented in squidguard gui ? if today this is possible just using gui, how can do it.

  • Possible only this

    Defining users in squidGuard
    To grant access based on usernames you have two choices: you can explicitly name the users with the user tag in your squidGuard.conf or you can enter the names to a file (recommended when dealing with many usernames) and use the userlist tag. In both cases you have to include the user definition within a source acl enviroment. The next two examples show how to use the user and the userlist tag: 


    ACL: Source IP adresses and domains 
     Enter source IP address or domain or "username" here. For separate use space. 
    ip: or subnet or subnet or range 
    domain: foo.bar match foo.bar or *.foo.bar 
    username: 'user1'  

    MySQL and LDAP not supported.

  • Many Thanks!

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