Openvpn or ipsec vpn tunnel

  • Guys I have an interesting request from my parents. I have installed a PFsense box at there home I also have a Pfsense box installed at there lake house. At home they use Kodi for watching OTA TV and for playing back my fathers huge DVD/Bluray collection. There main home has a 1gig ATT fiber connection at the lake they have a 50 meg internet connection. They want to be able to access there media content while at the lake. So in order to accomplish this what type of tunnel would you guys suggest openvpn or IPSEC? I have played around with OpenVPN but I don't know much about IPSEC. I guess I'm looking for the pros and cons of each type.

  • I had a play with two pfSense VMs and IPsec tunnels a few months ago, IPsec tunnel between the two pfSense routers is dead easy.

  • Also I forgot to mention I am working with dynamic IP addresses. Do I need to configure dynamic DNS before doing the IPSEC tunnel?

  • DDNS is preferable but not a requirement for any VPN connectivity. As far as what order that doesn't matter because DDNS is not a dependency for VPN and that can be changed at a later time.

  • What kind of content?  I use Plex for the 5000+ movies I have and it can live behind a dynamic IP and no need for a VPN tunnel from any location.  Plus Plex is available as a native app on every media platform.  Smart TV's Netgear Router now has Plex Media Server Built in., Iphone, Android, Mac, PC etc…

    FYI Plex Server and client are completely free!!!!!!

    Install Plex Server at home and then use the Plex client anywhere (No VPN Required) and access your content!

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