How install more package

  • now i need to install frox for ftp cache, this squid can't cache the ftp file.
    how to install program and configure what i can do, install by pkg or compile binary file? plz …
    thank you guy.

  • From shell type

    pkg_add you_package_pth

    But this way not suported by pfSense dev's and you must self configure you package from shell (not via GUI)

  • Here is an example that installs nano editor.

    pkg_add -r nano

    You can manually change configuration files either from vi or nano if you add nano using the command above from the console or ssh.

    You edit the config files for the program of your choice from the GUI under Diagnostics -> Command and / or  Diagnostics -> Edit File.

  • i have a question?
    1. when run pkg_add and the package to install only package or all request when the package requeir.
    2. before run pkg_add xxx much to install the package other is package xxx need or not.
    thank you.

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