Trying to catch error SquidGuard 1.16.4 slowness

  • Good morning people.

    I am using PfSense 2.4.2

    I installed the server … and put it into production, I took it in the head, heheeh did not work, I tried for 5.6 hours, to insist ... oh what I did, I disabled everything, and left only DHCP active.

    It began to flow.

    I'm going through parts that neither jack ... I arrived in the cause of my problem (I think)


    I am using squid in version - I left running 1 week, working perfect.

    Then today I activated the squidguard, and it generates an absurd slowness in the net ... oh how I'm trying to find out what I did.

    I activated the squidguard leaving the whole network totally free, I purposely left no blocking, I left the Common ACL - that is, any micro from the network, without any blocking.

    Someone can help me, how to filter this ... my goal is to actually put the squidguard to lock the net, because at that moment I had to leave it fully open without any blocking.

    Please Help,

  • 1.  The Cache/Proxy forum is the correct place for your question.

    2.  If you have a lot of users, then you may need to increase the squid parameter url_rewrite_children from its default to a larger number.  For every URL that squid processes from a user, it spawns a child redirector process that calls squidguard to process the URL.  By default, it can only handle 16 at a time.  For a home this is adequate.  For a larger deployment, you might want to bump it to 32 or 64.

  • Kom,

    Sorry for the wrong post. I'll take care of the next one.

    Did not find this field url_rewrite_children but SSL Certificate Deamon Children - would it be the same thing? Default is 5, I changed it to 64 - do you suggest I re-enable squidguard?

  • Go to Services - Squid Proxy Server.  From there, go to the General tab and at the bottom click the Advanced Options button to expand the Advanced Features section.  From there, look at the Integrations box.

    Don't forget to change that SSL Children option you set back to defaults.

  • KOM,

    I left SSL Certificate Deamon Children = 64.

    And my Integrations is blank, do I need to report something in this box?

  • If you have squidguard installed and enabled then that box should have something like this:

    url_rewrite_program /usr/local/bin/squidGuard -c /usr/local/etc/squidGuard/squidGuard.conf;url_rewrite_bypass off;url_rewrite_children 16 startup=8 idle=4 concurrency=0

  • KOM,

    Good morning.

    In my case it is blank, I put this line that you posted in this field Integrations?

  • In my case it is blank

    And you are certain that you have squidguard installed AND enabled?  If so, you might be better off removing it all and reinstalling because something is not right.  I have no idea if you could add it manually.

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