New to pfSense / Network problems

  • Hi,

    I made a fresh pfSense install on my mini ITX device.
    The motherboard is:

    I noticed a strange behavior of pfSense.

    Install was ok.
    Then when it boots, I can browse from my LAN PC and Internet sharing is OK.
    After some time (approx 5-10 mn) I can see Ubuntu's Network Manager shows quickly a disconnected message and then goes back to the connected state.
    I keep the DHCP IP offered by pfSense, but I cannot reach the webGUI nor Internet.

    To get everything working again, I have to go on the router itself (I have VGA and keyboard on it) and do a Assign Interfaces. I set everything the same, it reloads and after that I am ok for an other 5-10 min.

    The NIC i have are 2x Realtek RT8110SC 10/100/1000 LAN.

    What should I do ?

    At the same time, I have a D-Link DWA 547 (Atheros AR5008) which is supposed to be supported but that does not appears in my interfaces list.

    I don't know yet how to update the distro or install a driver.

    Please help me.


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