Adding (moving) another block of addresses to WAN

  • I have 2 different blocks of ip addresses that are presently being handled by 2 different pfsense machines. I'd like to merge this down to one pfs system to simplify management. To minimize the impact of this change I'm asking the questions first instead of just figuring it out.

    2 PFS systems.

    PFS1 and PFS2

    I want to move the public ip's from PFS2 -> PFS1 while leaving the existing address space on PFS1 as-is.

    How/where do I add the additional IP space to the WAN interface? I dont see a way to add additional networks to the WAN nic, so I assume that I have to add each of the addresses in the other block as virtual addresses. Is this correct?

    When addresses are successfully configured on the surviving pfs system, is there a way I can send a broadcast message from the system being removed to alert the upstream routers of the change so that I dont need to wait until the expires? I'd like to accelerate that as much as possible as I've encountered delays in restoring service as a result of similar situations in the past.


  • anyone?

    can i just add VIPs from another ip space to my main wan interface?

  • If you are using Proxy-ARP VIPs, you can just add the VIPs in. As for the arp cache on the upstream devices, you'll need to wait, power cycle the upstream router, or get the provider to flush the arp cache on the router.

  • Dealing with the upstream provider is just always a pain in the butt. In a pinch I just went ahead and added the VIPs and it worked out just fine.

  • Which version are you using. I've been trying to do the same thing and I can't get thenew PARP addresses + NAT to work ?

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