2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 Update Blocking Kodi

  • Hi,

    After PFsense ran the update to 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1, it is now blocking one of the add-ons I have installed on Kodi being Flawless Hosting IPTV. Is there anyway I can find out what/how its blocking and fix this?


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    Out of the box pfsense doesn't block anything outbound..  Are you running proxy, snort?  pfblockerng?  Did you alter the default lan rules?

    What did you upgrade from, are you using the default unbound resolver mode with dnssec, or did you mess with that as well?

    Without some clue to what sort of traffic is not working be it outbound/inbound etc..  Its really impossible to help you.

  • Hi,

    Thx for reply. No im not running Snort or pfblockerng and havent altered anything only the upgrade that was done to 2.4.2 release p1 from the previous version. I am using default unbound resolver mode with dnssec and havent tampered with it. Kodi/Flawless Hosting using normal Http traffic as I understand it, nothing else is blocked except the one add-on and only after the upgrade, if I by-pass PF Sense then it works.

  • @pgleed:

    … Kodi being Flawless Hosting IPTV ....

    How to test / visit ?

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    And you upgraded from what version of pfsense.. If really old maybe you were not using dnssec, and whatever it is your trying to go to doesn't pass dnssec so you get no answer..

    Really going to need more to go on vs kodi/flawless hosting..

    Addon to what?  A browser, your roku?  Plex server - some other sort of media stick..

    Impossible to even help you figure what is wrong if don't know what your even using..

    Here let me give you an example.. My car is broken, after I filled up the washer fluid..  What is wrong with it - it use to be not broken, but now its broken.

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