DNS refuses to update

  • PFsense local –-->  OpenVPN tunnel ----> PFsense remote

    PFsense local has domain override setup in DNS resolver pointing to the DNS server at PFsense remote.  Works great and resolves all remote hosts.

    Host at remote end used to be at  Changed it to  Updated entries in remote DNS server.  Updated static entry in remote DHCP.

    resolving the hostname on the remote end resolves the correct new IP.

    resolving the hostname on the local end resolves the old IP.

    restarted DNS service on both ends.  Rebooted firewall on both ends.  No avail...

    "Register DHCP static mappings in the DNS Resolver" is not checked on either end.

    Where is PFsense local pulling this old IP from?

    Result of DNS lookup from local end:  ( and are the DNS servers at the remote end)

    Result Record type A
    Name server Query time 0 msec 24 msec 24 msec 21 msec

  • Go to command line to get more detailed answers.

    Use nslookup & dig to find out where your DNS answers are coming from.

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