Static Noise when Streaming on Youtube

  • Hi!

    I have a weird problem perhaps unrelated to pfsense but started with the installation of the pfsense router…basically when i listen to audio on youtube i get like static specially when i start surfing other sites while listening..

    Any suggestions? :)


  • I can't think of any possible way pfSense could introduce static into the audio being streamed via Youtube, which is delivered over HTTPS traffic.

    Maybe the pfSense router device (or power supply) introduces some electrical noise, but pfSense itself won't be causing this problem.

  • Do you have a mobile phone or such connected to your PC in that moment?
    What you usually hear is bad grounding or current flowing on an attached ground (like when charging a device simultaneously).

    BTW: how do you hear it, e.g. what kind of speakers are hooked up where to?

  • Hi Guys,

    I appreciate your replies..i rebooted my PC and the static is gone..

    You guys are great for helping out.


  • Unlikely it's related to a software reboot. It'll probably come back if/when your phone starts charging again or so.

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