Failover - what gets synced?

  • I have failover setup with two OPT interfaces and the system works well.  There is one issue I need to understand - what configuration does not get synced between the two firewalls?  It seems like Virtual IPs don't.  What else doesn't get copied?  I have all the boxes checked in CARP settings.



  • The CARP settings tab should be pretty self explanatory. Anything not mentioned or selected there will not be synced. Virtual IPs absolutely get synced as long as you check the box and you are using CARP VIPs.

  • That's the problem - I have the box checked and they don't sync.  Everything else does though.

    The only Virtual IPs it copies are the CARP IPs.

  • Proxy-arp VIPs do not sync. That's why you need to use CARP.

  • Do CARP IP addresses work with load balancing?

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