Link Up message missing at console

  • Anyone else have this anomaly?  Been testing using an HP G6 with Broadcom BCE NICs and Intel IGB and pfSense 2.4.2p1.  I do a clean load and then at the console, if I plug in a live Ethernet cable to any of the Broadcom BCE ports, I get a console message that the link is UP.  This of course very helpful to determine which port is which.  If I do the same thing for the Intel IGB ports, I do not see any console message, at least not most of the time.  Anyone know why?

    I've had stability issues with the Broadcom NIC's crashing every 3-4 days, but the Intel (i340) have been solid, so I had disabled the Broadcom's, but just find the behavior of the Intel's at the console a little odd.

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