Limit on concurrent captive portal users

  • Hello All,

    Does anyone know the limit on concurrent captive portal users?

    I went through an old posting back to 2007 about this, it was saying there was a limit as 54 users, which means after 54 users were authenticated by captive portal successfully, the 55th users can not login via captive portal / or the firewall will block the 55th user.

    I am using version 2.4.2 now, does anyone know this limit was lifted in the recent versions?

    Your input is much appreciated!


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I ran a CP node with thousands of simultaneous CP users. I don't think there is a limit other than RAM, subnet size, etc.

  • Thank you Derelict for your quick response!

    Can I know how you set up your user database? There are multiple options here, user manager (which I do not think it is proper), FreeRadius3 integrated inside PFsense or an external Radius?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Didn't. It was a no-auth setup.

    But I would probably use an OFF-FIREWALL RADIUS configuration backed by SQL or LDAP.

    Really depends on how many users and how you're going to be managing them.

    If it is more than a few, just pretend the local user database doesn't exist. It will probably not scale.

  • Not thousands, just 30 - 50 users. Local user database.
    Soft time out 1 hour - hard time out 6 hours.
    3 AP"s
    pfSense running on an old Dell Dimension 5150.
    No fanny setup - no 'big' packages.

    Never saw more then 5 % processor load - basically, it's doing nothing except when I'm playing with the GUI  ;)

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