I340-T4 vs i350-T4-v2

  • Which of these intel cards are better for a home build system.
    i340-T4 vs i350-T4-v2.
    CPU: i5-6500T
    MOBO: MSI B250M Motar

    Anyone able to offer a suggestion on which model I should go for depending on the chipset recommended?

  • Didn't see a response so I'm not sure if you found your answer but I thought I'd respond in case someone else searches for the same thing.

    The Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T4 was discontinued and is being replaced with the new version (I350-T4V2) which have the AUX Power component changes that will result in a decrease of in-rush current during power supply start-up. Product functionality does not change.

    For more information on the product change, you may refer to the Product Change Notification (PCN113232 - 01)

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