How to configure freeRadisu

  • hi guy,
    can somebody do a good "howTO" freeRadius configuration?
    there are a lot of confusion about this.

    I didn't understand the difference between "user" and "client" can somebody help me?


  • A user is a set of credentials trying to be challenged like someone's username and password. A client is the device they are connecting to (vpn concentrator, wireless network, etc.)

  • thanks blak111,
    I have this situation I have installing pfsense on virtual machine and work very good.
    pfsense LAN ip is in freeRadius client ip, i should put this address? and but what name? is indifferent?

  • Yeah, in the client IP, put the device that will be authenticating users, the name shouldn't matter.

  • Yes!
    now works thanks a lot!