Problems adding a NIC

  • I'm running pfSense on a Supermicro A1SRM-2758 motherboard.  It's set up and has been running well for a while now.  Anyway, I had an extra Intel I340-T4 NIC laying around, so I decided to add it.  I assigned the interfaces (the originals again and the newly added ports) and pfSense started up as normal with the normal welcome screen.  But, I don't have network or internet.

    When trying to access the net from my windows desktop, I get "does not have a valid IP configuration".  I haven't removed the ethernet cables from the originally assigned WAN and LAN ports.

    When I pulled the card out and rebooted, I'm back to normal.  What am I missing?

  • I guess, the original NICs use the same driver (igb, I think) and the new NICs will be recognized first. So they will get the driver index that the original NICs had before (e.g. igb0, igb1).
    I would just plug the LAN cables into the newly added NICs. Alternatively you can reassign the Interfaces in the console.

  • That makes sense…didn’t think of that.  Thank you!

    ETA:  That was the issue...the 4 port NIC now occupies igb0 through igb3 and the onboards start with igb4.  Thanks again!

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