PPPoE traffic routing

  • I have a pfsense system 2.4.2 with a WAN and LAN working nicely for many months, it has 4 ports.
    I wish to add WAN2 a PPPoE link with 6 IP addressed 80.x.y.z/29 and route those addressed to physical LAN2 80.x.y.z/29 (or a VLAN). This will be seperate from working WAN/LAN.
    The PPPoE link comes up one of my addresses is allocated to the PPPoE interface and I can see it regulary ping and get replies from the monitor address.

    How do i get traffic on/off the PPPoE link? I have tried too many setups and got thoughly confused.
    Can anyone shed some light?

  • Asking for help, clears your mind and thinking.

    Now resolved, forget about bridging and gateway/routing tables, its all done in the firewall.

    I already had the PPPoE bit working.
    Define 80.x.y.z/29 as your LAN2 in the advanced section you can find a gateway setting for WAN2_PPPOE.
    For WAN2 Outbound NAT add a entry for 80.x,y.z/29 of NO NAT.
    For NAT 1:1 add an entry of 80.x.y.z/29 for external and internal.

    And thats about it! Thanks for your help ;-)

  • Not as simple as i has hoped. I ended up with two 80.x.y.1 interfaces which resulter is rather hit and miss operation. now whats plan b

  • Hi,

    I'm like all the others : trying to figure out what you have in front of you, but, I can't see it.
    This :

    .. physical LAN2 80.x.y.z/29 …

    This IP is a LAN IP ?

  • I have been allocated a 6 address subnet by my ISP 80.x.y.z/29. I have a, now flakey, Draytek Vigor Router which uses the first address 80.x.y.1 for NAT and puts the other 5 on a local lan which is effectively directly on the Internet.

    I would like to replocate this using a PPPoE modem (Draytek Vigor 130) and my existing pfsense setup.

  • By lying and increasing my subnet size from /29 to /24 on the LAN2 I have avoided duplicate interface addresses on LAN2 and WAN2. At least traffic is now flowing…

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