Netgate SG-4860 crashing when changing WAN IPv6 parameters?

  • I have a Netgate SG-4860 (about a month old) and it's been working really well.

    I've just started playing with IPv6 parameters (I'm on Comcast) and it seems that as soon as I make any IPv6 changes to the WAN interface, the box goes unreachable (LAN and WAN).

    Even something simple like enabling DHCPv6 logging is causing this problem.

    I've had to power cycle the box to get it back, but I don't like doing that for fear of FS corruption.

  • How about some screen shots of what you are changing?

    p.s. you do know it is a bit reckless to change more than one thing at a time, right?

  • This is very reproducible for me.

    Just enabling the start in debug check box, and clicking "apply", takes down the box after about 30 seconds.

  • I start mine in debug all the time. Do you have adequate storage available for the somewhat larger DHCP log file?

    My ISP (Comcast Xfinity) provides a 64 bit prefix delegation size and I don't have the prefix hint selected (you take what your ISP gives).

    Can you screenshot the complete configuration of all assigned interfaces of the SG-4680? (Hint, you only need two to start…)

  • I think something might have been locking me out with the firewall rules when making interface changes.

    In my case, I basically have a DMZ router hop to an internal network.  In order to rule this out, I connected my laptop directly to the LAN port of the Netgate.

    I'm now able to make changes to the interfaces and not get locked out.

    I'm also on Comcast, I set a prefix delegation hint of /60 and they happily handed me back that prefix.  Something to keep in mind if you need more subnets :)

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