Is there a way to view the dnsmasq cache from the GUI?

  • For that matter I can't find how to dump a list of cached entries from the shell either.

  • Was looking for this feature a few days ago. It obviously is not in the GUI.

    The strange thing is that the DHCP lease DNS registration does not appear anywhere, The DNS package didn't help much.

  • From the notes on the manpage:
    When it receives a SIGUSR1, dnsmasq writes statistics to the system log. It writes the cache size, the number of names which have had to removed from the cache before they expired in order to make room for new names and the total number of names that have been inserted into the cache. For each upstream server it gives the number of queries sent, and the number which resulted in an error. In –no-daemon mode or when full logging is enabled (-q), a complete dump of the contents of the cache is made.

    To test, I sent a kill -s USR1 to the process:
    Jan 21 13:37:57 dnsmasq[29469]: time 1232566677
    Jan 21 13:37:57 dnsmasq[29469]: cache size 150, 0/475 cache insertions re-used unexpired cache entries.
    Jan 21 13:37:57 dnsmasq[29469]: queries forwarded 392, queries answered locally 16
    Jan 21 13:37:57 dnsmasq[29469]: server queries sent 206, retried or failed 12
    Jan 21 13:37:57 dnsmasq[29469]: server queries sent 210, retried or failed 6

    So, it appears -q would have to be passed to the dnsmasq startup to get a cache dump.

    You might be able to get the feature added with a small bounty, as it doesn't look that hard to add.

  • Thanks.

    With a few more options, like separate list of the internal DHCP leases registered in DNS, and per domain and/or time sorting would be very interesting.
    Will try to offer something in the near future, as soon as I finish other pressing issues around my network and pfSense.

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