Routing between 2 WAN network(s)

  • Hi Guys,

    With a customer of ours, we have a "complicated" setup.

    They have 2 locations, connected through a 100 meters utp cable.

    At one location the internet starts (cable modem) and gets routed in a vlan setup troughout the entire company.
    The other location has the start of the voip (connected to a dsl modem). We made a Voice_MGMT vlan and connected it on all the switches to the pfsense.

    On the pfsense we have 5 networkadapters for the different vlans.

    Here are the ips:
    WAN network: wan ip from the isp: 81.x.x.x
    Lan network: 10.220.99.x
    Switch MGMT network: 10.225.x.x
    Guest network (for the wifi): 10.222.x.x
    VOICE_MGMT network: 192.168.1.x (DHCP from the DSL modem:

    So now we want to connect to the portal of the phone central from the lan network: 10.220.99.x (as an example)

    So I made a route to with gateway
    I can ping from the pfsense to the dsl modem and the phone central (on the VOICE_MGMT network).
    If i want to ping from the server in the lan network to or, it does not work.
    I can see the package gets delivered (in the firewall logs) to the dsl modem but he answers to a multicast address

    Any ideas? I myself never worked with 2 gateways.

  • Anyone?

    If you don't understand my question, feel free to ask.

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