Dual ISP failover plus VPN tunnels on SG-4860

  • Hello,
    I am new to pfsense, so I need an advice for the hardaware I will need to achieve the following.

    I will have one office with no more than 20 machines in the LAN and 2 different ISP providing me 100 Mb/s connections over fiber optic with media convertors.

    Additionally I have to permanently connect this office with another 2 offices through some VPN, and arrange access for another 10 people that will connect randomly.

    Does SG-4860 have enough power to run the failover between the ISPs and the needed VPN connections. Can I go for the cheaper SG-2440?

    Thanks in advance

  • Netgate Administrator



    What sort of bandwidth do you need over the VPNs? What sort of VPN?

    Do you want to run any packages, Snort, Squid etc?

    I would expect the SG-4860 to be capable whatever you were trying to do with 100Mbps max single connection limit though.


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