Firewall setting to allow quality monitoring of vpn connection…

  • If I remember correctly pfsense pings interfaces to approximate quality of a connection.  For whatever reason, when I check the quality of one of my vpn connections ( where pfsense is the client), it shows 100% packet loss even though the connection is working fine.  I assume I've removed or altered a firewall rule that normally permits whatever traffic is necessary for this quality test to work.

    Does anyone know the allow rule I need to re-create that will only allow this test?  I've tried adding the pfsense lan ip address, but that doesn't seem to have worked.

  • Netgate Administrator


    It will always allow the ping traffic out. More likely is that whatever is at the other end stopped responding to ping or you moved to a different gateway that doesn't respond. Or maybe it triggered something that blocked pings!

    If you set the gateway monitor to an alternative IP accessible over the VPN that should give you back link stats.


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