DynDNS feature problem

  • Hi all,

    using Pfsense 1.2.1 with 1 Lan and 1 Wan ( cross cable to adsl modem )
    when using DynDNS feature, ( /services/Dynamic DNS ) my WAN private IP is send to DynDNS instead of my public IP

    any idea please ?

    thank you.

    //edited to be more precise.

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    shows correct assignment?
    Which DynDNS entry did you use (dynamic, static, custom)?

  • Thank you Jahonix, you touched something i forgot to notice, i've edited my first post

    in fact my pfsense Wan is linked to my adsl modem,

    ( Public IP ) <–-> [Adsl modem] ( <–--> ( ) [Pfsense Wan] ( ) [Pfsense Lan ]

    so the WAN IP is transmited to DynDNS instead of the Public IP


    DynDNS client feature is set to Dynamic

  • ;-)

    Your pfSense doesn't know about your actual WAN IP, thus it cannot promote it to DynDNS service.
    However, it correctly promotes what is known: it's WAN IP. That's not the LAN IP you pointed to earlier!

    Two possibilities:

    • let your modem do the DynDNS update itself (it knows the WAN IP)
    • (if at all possible) switch your modem to bridge mode and have pfSense do the PPPoE. This way it knows the WAN IP and can update your DynDNS settings correctly.