Limiter share bandwidth evenly + gaming bandwidth

  • Hi,

    I am new to pfsense and i wanted to learn the traffic shaping.

    I have a 50 mbps internet connection single ISP. I created a limiter and rules to control the traffic to browsing ports (HTTP, HTTPS etc.) I set it up to 30 mbps for bandwidth pool.

    I altered the default LAN rule based on foxale08 instruction which I created a limiter and rules to 50 mbps, to maximize and share bandwidth evenly.

    I didnt assign the remaining 20 mbps to limiter and left it as is, since gaming is not in browsing ports.

    My expected result:

    Browsing user1, user2, user3,…= share 30 mbps bandwidth
    Gaming user1, user2, user3... = will share 20 mbps bandwidth
    Total bandwidth used = 50 mbps. Using foxale08 config bandwidth will share evenly.

    Now I just wanted to know if this set up is possible or which rules should go on top?

    Thank you in advance

    PS I am not yet trying this config. Just wanted to make sure that im doing it correctly

  • I'm not quite sure I understand what you wish to accomplish.  Do you want to guarantee 20Mbit to gaming and the remaining 30Mbit should always be available for browsing and other web traffic?

  • Thank you for the reply. Yes i am expecting that kind of behavior of the traffic. I am using this as hotspot to our place because nowadays, most people are playing online mobile games, so i wanted to prioritize gaming traffic. Is it possible?

    Thank you,

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