Installing 2.3.5 - install fails with corrupt data in sqlite

  • I'm trying to install version pfSense 2.3.5 on an old Pentium III box (just because it was sitting around). I downloaded the CE Iso file twice (hash tags checked both times), unzipped it and burned the ISO to a CD using imageBurn.

    Both install disks hit a hiccup at the same point during the "quick install" with a "failed - return code of 1" message.

    The command that was running appears to be:

    /usr/bin/tar -C /mnt/ -xzfp /distrib/pfsense.txz

    Looking at the log, the last line has some about "lzma library error: corrupted input data" and it appears to reference sqlite.

    Is this a hardware compatibility issue (the equipment is ancient) or a problem with the ISO file?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Undoubtedly it's a hardware problem of some sort. It could be having trouble reading the disc, there could be a memory or other problem causing a corrupted read, or corrupted data in memory, or any number of other issues. That hardware is probably far too old to be used effectively.

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