Load Balancer Question

  • Is it possible to setup the load balancing function to work on the LAN subnet from machines on the LAN subnet?

    I want to load balance MySQL queries against 1 of 2 replicas from apache servers on the same subnet.  The apache servers are loadbalanced from the Internet and that works fine.

    Apache 1
    Apache 2
    Virtual IP for Apache = (This is made up)
    MySQL 1
    MySQL 2
    Virtual IP for MySQL =

    I want either Apache 1 or 2 to query and have that redirected to either MySQL 1 or 2.

    The load balanced IP works when we are attached via VPN and the traffic flows across the LAN interface from the PPTP interface.



  • I'm not sure if this works but you could:
    Enable NAT reflection under advanced
    Access via the public IP.

    I dont know if this works, but you can reflect access to normal portforwards like this.
    Maybe it works as well for server-balancing-pools

  • NAT reflection won't do this.

    The solution here is to put those devices into a DMZ and then load balance your traffic from the LAN to the the DMZ devices.  This will work very well with a very minor network reconfiguration.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Unfortunately we can't put them in a separate DMZ because these DB servers are also sharing hardware with the Apache servers.

    What I can do is hookup eth1 and assign those IPs to the MySQL slaves and put them on a different VLAN and see if the LAN port will talk to both subnets.


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