Help setting up QOS in pfsense for google fiber setup

  • Hello, trying to setup google fiber on a pfsense box. I've got the WAN port tagged as vlan 2 and now I need to tag the traffic with a priority bit and i'm not sure how or where to do that in the current pfsense ui. I'm on the latest 2.3.x.

    Need to set it to:

    DHCP traffic should have 802.1p bit = 2
    IGMP traffic should have 802.1p bit = 6
    All other internet traffic 802.1p bit = 3

    any guides on google fiber setup with pfsense would also be nice, all the ones I could find seemed outdated or used another managed switch to tag stuff which .. is annoying.

    My desired setup is google fiber terminator -> pfsense on SG-2440 -> Netgear managed 16 port GS116Ev2 -> Netgear managed 8 port GS108Ev3.

  • Either General Questions or Traffic Shaping would be a better place for your question.

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