Internal routing of external address for calendar

  • I know this is probably in the wrong category, but I'm not sure which it should be in….  I am trying to setup a shareable calendar service on one of the small pfsense networks I maintain and it is presenting me with a unusual problem.  I am using a NAS to run WebDAV and host the CalDAV entries.  Calendars pointing to the NAS on all the multiple LAN segments work AND calendars pointing to the Dynamic DNS maintained hostname on No-IP used by portable external devices work fine through my NAT port forwarding.  HOWEVER, those portable devices are unable to access the calendar when in the office on the LAN.

    I figure I'm missing something simple, but can't figure it out and my searches haven't been productive.  Also, apologies upfront if I haven't been clear on anything above.  Thanks, in advance, for any help.

  • If you've using DNS Resolver you can override the hostnames there and point them to the LAN address.

    Services > DNS Resolver > Host Overrides

    *EDIT I guess this would be depending if you used the same port for NAT as internally.

  • Nope, using DNS Forwarder, but I am using the same port for both internal and external access.

  • You could also try enabling one of the NAT Reflection modes, but I much prefer split DNS myself.'t_I_access_forwarded_ports_on_my_WAN_IP_from_my_LAN/OPTx_networks

  • You have the same host override option in forwarder as well it seems.

  • I guess I'm either not being clear or failing to follow the direction of the help so far…....

    My internal (LAN) devices use https://NASNAME:xxxx/calendar/office to get their CalDAV updates (where xxxx is the port).

    Whereas, the external (WAN & LAN) devices use to get their CalDAV updates from through the internet and my NAT port forward (WAN:xxxx > NASNAME:xxxx), but fail when on the LAN.

    I don't see how a host override or split-DNS would work, please make me understand.....

    (edit) Reading further on the previous post link, NAT Reflection (Pure NAT) could be the ticket.  Will give it a try, THANKS!

  • With split DNS, you would create a host override in your DNS forwarder that resolves to the LAN IP address.

  • Yes, but it would send everything to the NAS.  I use that hostname with other ports to do other things…....  :-\

    (edit) If NAT Reflection doesn't work, might have to get another hostname just for the calendars.

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