SFTP half speed, have tried both CODELQ & HFSC

  • Hi Gents,

    I have tried to set up the shaper, 1 WAN 3 LAN with great results, 8Mbps/37Mbps.

    DSL report,

    However I also operate an SFTP server and no matter what I do it runs at 1/2 (upload) speed even if I drop it into the High Queue (5).
    Is this some quirk with SFTP / HTTPS traffic? Is there some way to get this traffic to run at full speed or ignore the queues all together?

    Basically my only objective it to achieve no buffer bloat from inside for online gaming (working great) but also full speed serving SFTP data from outside for a couple of hours on a Monday morning.

    Cheers all for any pointers.

  • You might be incorrectly qualifying some of your traffic, but nobody can tell for sure since you've not posted any details whatsoever about your configuration.

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