Before I start….

  • Good afternoon.

    I'm looking at setting up a pfSense router.  My current configuration is as follows:

    Verizon FIOS going directly from ONT to Edgerouter Router.  The router is serving as both the router and modem.  I have a Ubiquiti AP setup to provide wireless access.  I also have an Amahi server setup that hands out my DHCP and DNS.  If i build a pfSense router, where in my configuration would i place it?  I'm looking at doing this basically to setup a VPN client on it so my entire network is behind the VPN and traffic goes out through the VPN tunnel.

    Thanks for any information.

  • The pfSense box replaces your existing router and also can take care of DHCP and DNS.

    In your case, the ethernet from the ONT will plug into the NIC that you identify as the WAN interface. This is my exact setup as well. Just be sure to release the DHCP lease prior to disconnecting the edgerouter.

    Not sure what you are trying to do with the VPN, but pf can also serve as a VPN server for you…

    The Ubiquiti AP can still serve as your wifi AP--I do the exact same in my setup.

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