Pfsense Active Directory rebinding

  • Hi,
    I have a functioning AD DC using Samaba 4 on my network.  I tried to  join my pfsense machine to the Active Directory and successfully managed to do so.  However I wanted to change the Descriptive Name of the 'Authentication Server' , but looks like there is no option to edit this field after creation (not sure why). So I deleted this authentication server and created another one with my preferred name and exactly the same setting as the one before but for the name, but LDAP refuses to join the directory.  There also seems to be no traffic when I do a packet capture.

    Is there a formal removal step that I have skipped by deleting the Authentication Server entry? What am i missing ? Any one else had such a problem before?

  • What a bummer!

    Whilst I had copied every setting the key one username needed the domain name in front of it. All sorted now.

    On a side note it would be useful if the syslog printed the LDAP error message when something goes wrong. I had to edit the file to get additional logging to see what was going on.

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